Best Way To Clean Dentures

There are a growing number of individuals that have full mouth dentures or partial dentures.

Whether you have had them for a long time or are just starting out, there are some things you

need to know about caring for this part of your mouth. Proper denture cleaning is vital for your

oral health. Also, good cleaning habits will keep staining down and keep your mouth looking

healthy. Here are some of the best ways to clean dentures.

Dentures Cleaning Tips:

If you are unsure of the best way to clean dentures, then follow this simple guideline.

Regular rinsing- after every meal, you should take out your dentures and rinse them off. This

gets rid of any food particles and keeps food from hardening to the false teeth.

Twice a day brushing- brush your dentures like you would normally brush teeth, at least

two times a day. You will need to use a good denture cleaner for this purpose, not regular

toothpaste. It is also important that you brush your gums with a soft toothbrush, not a

hard bristled brush. Hard bristles can irritate your gums and damage your dentures. It is

recommended that you use a toothbrush that is specifically designed to clean false teeth.

Denture soaking cleaning solutions- you will need to soak your dentures in a solution

overnight to keep them from becoming misshapen. Be sure to rinse them off before putting them

in your mouth each morning. Do not rinse your mouth with these cleaning solutions.

How Often Do I Clean My Dentures?

Taking care of your mouth is something that should happen every single day. Proper care of

dentures will keep your gums healthy and prolong the life of the false teeth. Daily oral care is

important for your overall health as well as the look of your smile.

Do I Still Need to Visit the Dentist When I Have Dentures?

It is very important to schedule regular cleanings even if you do not have teeth. When you visit

the dentist, they can see if there are any other oral issues that need to be addressed. Over time,

your dentures may become misshapen or ill fitting. During your visits, you can bring up any

issues that are dealing with.

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