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Best Dentists in Dallas 2018

Dr. Roe is happy to receive Best Dentist in Dallas 2018. He is named among many other dentists in Dallas and the surrounding areas. These are a few of the top professionals in the dental field. 

Dr. Jason Roe

best dentist in dallas

Dr. Jason Roe is a prosthodontist that has board certification. He is a dental specialist that takes care of his patients. He’s a dentist in Far North Dallas/East Plano. Pro Dental was established in 2013 and been a valuable asset to the community since. 

Dr. Stephen Bass

periodontist in plano

Dr. Stephen Bass is a periodontist in Plano and offers high-quality care to his patients. He’s committed to keeping up with the latest technology in the industry to provide the best periodontic services. 

Dr. Ellen Hall

Dr. Ellen Bass offers dental implant services to her patients as well as regenerative periodontal surgery. Her skills have allowed many people to keep their natural teeth and reduce pain and discomfort. She’s been a Best Dentist in Dallas for several years. 

Dr. Karina Marr

Dr. Karina Marr is a pediatric dentist in the Plano area. She is board-certified to offer dental care to children. Her demeanor allows her to work well with kids and give them great oral health care starting at an early age.

Dr. Ruben Ovadia

Dr. Ruben Ovadia is a periodontist that serves the DFW area. He uses his skills to help patients with periodontal disease and other oral health concerns. 

Dr. Jason Pavelka

Dr. Jason Pavelka is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Plano, TX. He offers wisdom teeth extractions, implants, and other surgeries that involve the face, head, and neck. 

Dr. Samuel Robinson

Dr. Samuel Robinson is an oral surgeon that practices dentistry in Richardson. He is a board-certified oral surgeon that can remove wisdom teeth and place dental implants. 

Dr. Randy Sanovich

Dr. Randy Sanovich offers oral and maxillofacial surgery in Dallas, TX. He’s a specialist that can handle reconstructive procedures as well as dental implants. Also, he provides facelifts, eyelid lifts, and otoplasty.

Dr. Eduardo Tanur

Dr. Eduardo Tanur uses 3D imaging when he places implants. He’s a dental specialist that provides periodontic care in Dallas. 

Dr. Joy Field

Dr. Joy Field is an endodontist in Plano and offers the latest technology to her patients. She’s been in practice for over two decades. 

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