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Dental veneers are often considered the go-to option in cosmetic dentistry. They have many benefits and don’t need extensive prior teeth work. If you’re in Richardson, TX, and considering dental veneers, come to Pro Dental Dallas. We recommend veneers to our patients when it’s a good fit for them. 

The Beauty Of Veneers In Richardson

Veneers offers a solution for dental concerns, providing patients with a natural-looking smile. Here are some reasons veneers might be recommended:

  • Improving tooth shape for a better-looking smile.
  • Providing an alternative to teeth whitening for discolored or stained teeth
  • Closing gaps between teeth for a uniform appearance.
  • Restoring chipped or worn teeth
  • Strengthening teeth with minor structural issues.
  • Reshaping teeth to correct size or shape imperfections or meet your smile goals.

We Provide Veneers in Richardson

Pro Dental Dallas can give you the smile you’ve always wanted in Richardson and the surrounding areas. And when you’re not in the dentist’s chair, Richardson offers plenty to explore. There’s something for everyone, from Prairie Creek Park to The Eisemann Center for the Performing Arts. So, come for the veneers, stay for the attractions, and leave with a radiant smile!

Frequently Asked Questions About Veneers

Learn how veneers can transform your smile with answers to some common questions below.

What are veneers?

A veneer is created from porcelain or resin and attached to a tooth’s surface. Their ultra-thin design means that only a minimal amount of tooth needs to be altered.

What are veneers made from?

Porcelain veneers start as thin porcelain sheets. Skilled technicians custom-make them to match your tooth shape and color. Using a range of porcelain shades, they create the color to mimic the look of real teeth. Natural-looking teeth aren’t pure white but a blend of opacities and translucencies. This mix gives your veneers a natural appearance.

Are veneers permanent, or can they be removed?

Veneers are not considered a permanent dental solution. They last around 10 to 15 years. But it’s important to note that getting veneers is irreversible. To place veneers, a small amount of enamel is removed from the teeth to accommodate the veneers. This means that the alteration is permanent. If a veneer needs to be removed, it will be replaced with a new one or an alternative treatment to maintain the appearance of your teeth.

Do veneers require maintenance?

Yes, veneers need some special care and maintenance. It’s important to

  1. Maintain good oral hygiene to prevent gum disease and tooth decay.
  2. Avoid excessive pressure, such as biting hard objects.
  3. Consider wearing a nightguard if you grind your teeth while you sleep.
  4. Attend regular dental check-ups for professional cleanings.

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Are you tired of dealing with rotated, discolored, or gapped teeth? Dental veneers may be the perfect alternative to braces. Take the first step by scheduling a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Jason Roe, at Pro Dental Dallas. Discover if you’re a candidate for veneers and get ready to transform your smile. Your radiant smile is a consultation away! Call today.

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