Senior Dental Care in The Colony, TX

The need for geriatric dentistry is higher than most people may realize. While there is no formal name for a dentist that deals with geriatric patients, a prosthodontist is the most skilled specialist to use. Dr. Jason Roe was voted A best Dentist in the Dallas area. He specializes in prosthodontics. His staff and he will love to welcome you to their office if you are an elderly or aged patient.

Why Dr. Roe?

Dr. Roe has many years of experience when it comes to treating aging patients. He knows that the treatment plan must be as unique as the patient themselves. He can treat patients with many health concerns and numerous medications. He has treated patients with dementia, Alzheimer’s, Heart disease, diabetes, and many other health concerns in the past.

 Upon an initial visit with Dr. Roe, he will do a thorough exam and check for common oral problems with the aging community. These can include dry mouth, tooth loss, gum disease, and stained teeth. Some of the treatment options Dr. Jason Roe can offer are crowns, bridges, dentures, and more as he sees fit.

If you are an elderly adult looking for a dentist who can give you the oral health care you want and deserve, try Dr. Jason Roe and Pro Dental Dallas. He is here for you. 

Aging Patients in The Colony Texas

Pro Dental Dallas was located in Far North Dallas but has relocated to about a mile out of the Dallas city limits off Plano Parkway. Our address is 5136 Village Creek Drive #501, Plano, Texas 75093. This is a short 20-30 minute drive for our patients located in The Colony.

The Colony is a city located in Denton County, Texas, with a population of 37,000. The Colony got its name from the original Peters Colony when the headquarters was located within the current boundaries of The Colony. While it is a small community, it is a great place to live and raise a family.

The Best Dentist in Dallas Contact Information

If you are looking for The Best Dentist in Dallas, phone at 972-931-1777 or on our website using our contact us form. We welcome caretakers or patients to call and schedule an appointment with us today. We look forward to meeting you.

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