Senior Dental Care in Dallas, TX

Dr. Jason Roe is a board-certified prosthodontist that offers senior dental care in Dallas, TX. He works with elderly patients that have a lot of medications and health concerns. As a dental specialist, he is highly qualified to help our aging community. 

Senior Dental Care

Senior dental oral care requires a specialized approach to treat the patient. Whether they are a dementia patient, on many medications, or have major health issues, Dr. Roe is qualified to treat them. He has 3 additional years of education beyond a general dentist.Here at Pro Dental Dallas, we do a comprehensive dental exam first to see what treatment you may need. We work with elderly patients every day. Our office is set up to work with people who have disabilities and health concerns.

As a senior dental care dentist, Dr. Roe offers dentures, crowns, bridges, dental implants, and more to his patients. He will put together a unique treatment plan based on the individual’s bone density, medication list, and health goals. With his skills, our patients can chew better and have a higher quality of life. 

Our Office Is Located Near Dallas, TX

Pro Dental Dallas was once located in Far North Dallas, but is now located off of Plano Parkway, about 1 mile outside of the Dallas city limits. We are across the street from Prince of Peace Catholic School. Our address is 5136 Village Creek Dr. #501, Plano, TX 75093. We have many patients that come to our office from all over Dallas and the DFW area.

Contact us Today For an Appointment

If you are looking for dental care near you, contact our dental practice. Please call our office at 972-962-9872 or book your appointment online for a dental exam with Dr. Roe. We have older adult patients as well as caretakers that book appointments with us. Our office is capable of handling elderly patients that have many health concerns. Get in touch with us now to ask questions or schedule an appointment. We look forward to working with you and taking care of your oral health care.

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