Senior Dental Care in Coppell, TX

The staff at Pro Dental Dallas and Dr. Jason Roe are excited to serve the senior and elderly patients in Coppell, Texas. Dr. Roe was voted A Best Dentist in Dallas and specializes in prosthodontics. There is no formal title for a geriatric dentist, but a prosthodontist is the most skilled specialist for geriatric dentistry. Dr. Roe can provide extra attention to our elderly patients and give them the oral health care they want and deserve.

Elderly Oral Health Care

As you age, your oral health care may decline. Age, normal wear and tear, medications, habits, and hygiene all take a toll on your oral health care. Dr. Roe is here to help you. He knows that it is unique to the individual who is affected when it comes to your treatment. Dr. Roa is also trained to deal with health conditions such as dementia, gum disease, and diabetes that some elderly patients may be suffering with. He knows that you may have an extended list of medications and can develop a treatment plan that will be just right for you. Should you need a bridge, crown dentures, or more, he has you cared for.

When it comes to our senior patients, the most common problems they seem to face include dry mouth, tooth loss, stained teeth, and gum disease. Dr. Roe can check for all of these with your first visit and get you well on the way to healthier teeth and mouth.

Coppell, Texas

Coppell is a city located in the northwest corner of Dallas County in Texas. With a population of about 39,000 people, we often serve clients from the Coppell area. Our office is located approximately 1 mile outside of the Dallas city limits on Plano Parkway. We are located across from the Prince of Peace Catholic School at 5136 Village Creek Drive #501, Plano, Texas 75093. 

To Schedule an Appointment

If you are looking to schedule an appointment, we can be reached on the telephone or on the contact us form on our website. We are happy to serve the elderly patients in the Coppell, Texas, and Dallas Fort Worth area. Dr. Roe and staff at Pro Dental Dallas look forward to meeting with you and getting you the oral health care you want and deserve. Schedule your appointment today.

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