Senior Dental Care in Carrollton, TX

Are you in need of a dentist in the Dallas area that can specialize in senior dental care? Dr. Jason Roe, Dr. James Browning and all of our prosthodontist at Pro Dental Dallas specialize in senior dental care and prosthodontics. Voted A Best Dentist in the Dallas area, we are able to handle aging patients that have many health concerns as well an extensive medication list. 

Geriatric Dentistry 

Geriatric Dentistry is also known as senior dental care. While there is no formal title for a senior dentist, a prosthodontist such as Dr. Roe or Dr. Browning are the most skilled in this area. Aging patients most often present with health concerns such as diabetes, dementia, and gum disease. As patients age, their oral health can decline. The aging process and normal wear and tear, and improper hygiene can take a toll on the teeth. 

Some common issues with again patients can include:

  • Dry Mouth- this can be caused by medications and can make your mouth more susceptible to cavities
  • Stained teeth- Your teeth are made up of 3 layers, nerve, dentin, and enamel. Over the years, the enamel wears down, and the teeth become more yellow.
  • Gum Disease- This is often caused by tobacco use, plaque, ill-fitting dentures, or disease and is common in aging patients
  • Tooth Loss- 1 in 4 senior patients have lost their adult teeth by the age of 65 due to injury, illness, or decay. 

Our prosthodontists are skilled in handling all the common issues elderly patients may have. We can treat these issues with cleanings, crowns, bridges, dentures, and more. 

Senior Care in Carrollton Texas

If you are a senior and looking for a dentist in the Carrollton, Texas area, we would love to have you. Pro Dental Dallas was located in Far North Dallas but has relocated to about a mile outside of Dallas off Plano Parkway. Our address is 5136 Village Creek Drive #501 Plano, Texas 75093. We are across the street from the Prince of Peace Catholic School. We see senior patients from all over the Dallas Fort Worth area, including Carrollton.

For Appointments and More Information

If you are looking to book an appointment with one of our prosthodontists at Pro Dental Dallas, you can reach us at 972-931-1777. If it is easier we also can book an appointment on our website. Dr. Roe, Dr. Browning and the staff look forward to working with our aging patients and getting them the oral health care they deserve.

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