Overdentures in Carrollton

Are you in need of tooth replacements? Overdentures may be the answer for you. If you are in the Carrollton, TX area or the surrounding areas please make an appointment with us today.

We Offer Overdenture Services

Overdentures in Carrollton

We offer tooth replacement treatments by board-certified prosthodontists. Based on what your oral health is like and what your treatment needs are, our doctors will help guide you in the best options for your missing teeth. 

When it comes to overdentures you have two different options that are mainly used in place of standard dentures that need to be glued on daily and do not offer much stability. These two options are: 

  • Implant retained overdentures – this option is implant supported. This means that the dentures are connected to a dental implant that is anchored into the jawbone. These can be removed like traditional dentures but because they are held on by implants and clicked into place they do not move around so no worry of them accidentally falling out. 
  • Tooth retained overdentures – this option is good if you have teeth that can be saved or have been saved by a root canal. The dentures are supported by the teeth that are remaining. 

To see what the best options are for you feel free to contact our office to get more information. 

Prodental Dallas Serves The Carrollton, TX Community 

Our team of dental professionals love serving the area of Carrollton, TX as well as the other surrounding areas of Dallas County. If you live in the Dallas, Collin, or Denton counties then you are not far from our office in Plano, TX. Let us help you with your dental needs.

Overdenture Commonly Asked Questions

Any treatment option that a potential patient considers always comes with questions, We are happy to answer all of your questions starting with these. 

Who Is A Good Candidate For Overdentures? 

This type of dental treatment is good for those who have all or most of their teeth missing. Our dentists will take the time to assess your oral health to see if you qualify for overdentures. We look for things like the health of any remaining teeth to determine if they need to be extracted or if they are viable and able to be kept. We also look for the health of your jawbone, if we see that you do not have enough bone left to support the implants then we may need to do a bone graft so that you have the support needed in your jaw. 

How Long Does Overdentures Last? 

To maintain the optimal fit of overdentures they will need to have occasional re-fitting every 3-5 years. 

What Are The Benefits Of Overdentures? 

Some of the advantages of choosing overdentures are: 

  • Better digestion – because implant supported dentures offer better stability than traditional glued-on dentures it allows for better chewing of foods which leads to better digestion
  • Inhibits bone loss – because the roots of our teeth stimulate the jawbone keeping them healthy, overdentures that are implanted give the same stimulation decreasing the loss of bone from missing teeth. 
  • Little to no movement when eating or talking 
  • Are still removable for easy cleaning like traditional dentures but without the mess of adhesives. 

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