Geriatric Dentist In Richardson

Protecting your natural teeth and your overall oral health is of the utmost importance. Here at Pro Dental Dallas in Richardson, TX we are committed to offer the best care to our customers in every season of their lives. That’s why we have a geriatric dentist to better face the challenges of old age with specialized care. If you or your loved ones are 65 or older we are here to help you. 

We Offer Geriatric Dentist Care

Geriatric Dentist In Richardson

With age your body and your mouth change. A geriatric dentist is especially trained in delivering dental care to older adults. His job is to prevent, diagnose and treat age-related oral problems. A geriatric is more familiar and understanding of physical or cognitive problems that can affect their treatment. He is also aware of the fact that the elderly usually take more medication than regular patients. He can better discern which oral care drugs will interact rightly with your prescriptions. 

We Work In Richardson, TX

Old age can slow you down, bringing physical or mental impairment. It’s a good idea to find a close location for your dental needs in case an emergency arises.Our team works in Richardson, TX and the surrounding areas, faithfully serving  Dallas and Collin County for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions About Geriatric Dentist

Our office gets different questions about what a geriatric dentist is and does. Here we listed some of the most commonly asked:

Why Is Geriatric Dentistry Important?

A geriatric dentist is of the utmost importance for older people’s well being. Unfortunately not many people understand how poor oral health and life threatening diseases are linked together. With periodic geriatric dental care the elderly can prevent and eliminate tooth decay or loss, and many other oral problems. 

If left unchecked, these easily treated conditions can cause more serious complications, like stroke and diabetes. If a tooth gets infected and it’s not properly taken care of it can become very dangerous. The infection can quickly go into the bloodstream and cause heart complications.

What Are The Most Common Dental Issues For The Elderly?

By the time patients are 65 and older they might experience different problems due to genetics, lifestyle and other factors.Common age-related issues in elderly patients include coronal and root cavities, dry mouth and periodontitis. Another very common condition is gum disease. 

A frequent problem faced by the elderly is higher risk of tooth decay and loss. This leads to a greater need for partial or complete dentures to keep chewing ability. Periodic screening for oral cancer is also recommended.

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