Geriatric Dentist in Carrollton

Our board-certified Prosthodontist takes care of our senior patients as a geriatric dentist in Carrollton, TX and the surrounding areas. If you are in need of a geriatric dentist then come in and see us.

Offering Geriatric Dental Services

Geriatric Dentist In Carrollton

As we age it is important to pay attention to how our bodies are changing and seek the proper care, the same goes for our oral health. As we age our oral health changes and we start to need different care than when we were younger. Seeing a geriatric dentist is the best option for seniors. 

Geriatric dentists are trained in handling elderly patients as their needs change due to things such as diabetes, dementia, and heart disease to name a few. Our dental professionals are aware of the fact that our elderly patients are usually on more medications and can navigate which oral care drugs will interact best with prescriptions already being taken.

Geriatric Dental Care In Carrollton, TX 

Our team serves the Carrollton, TX area. We proudly provide our senior patients with their oral care to help maintain optimal health. Seniors should be given special care as their needs are different. If you are in Carrollton, Dallas County, or the surrounding areas and are in need of a dentist please schedule an appointment today.

Commonly Asked Questions About Geriatric Dentistry

Trying to find the right care for our seniors is very important and making sure they are comfortable plays a huge role. We are happy to answer any and all questions you may have. 

What Are Some Of The Common Dental Problems In Seniors? 

Some of the common dental issues that we see in our elderly patients are as follows: 

  • Stained Teeth 
  • Dry Mouth 
  • Gum Disease
  • Loose Teeth 

If someone you love is experiencing any of these issues please bring them in to be treated. 

How Often Should You Have Teeth Cleaned? 

Just like their younger counterparts, the elderly should be seen for teeth cleanings once every six months. Maintaining your cleanings every 6 months helps in the prevention of gum disease and decay and the removal of tartar. 

What Is The Most Common Cause Of Tooth Loss In Seniors? 

Gum disease is the most common cause of tooth loss in seniors. This can be due to changes in their medications being taken, in cognitive health causing them to forget that they need to care for their teeth, and many other factors. This is why it is important to find a dentist that specializes in geriatric dentistry. 

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Our team at Prodental Dallas offers many dental services including geriatric dentistry. The oral health of  seniors in the community is very important to us. Please call to schedule an appointment with us.

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