All-Acrylic Partial Dentures

Pro Dental Dallas is a cosmetic dental specialist office that offers a range of dental services. We are able to provide you with all-acrylic partial dentures in Dallas.

What Are Acrylic Dentures Made From?

These dentures are fabricated 100% from acrylic. They contain no metal substructure for support. Acrylic partial dentures are great for a temporary or permanent solution. Often, they are used to replace missing teeth when multiple teeth have to be removed.

The Benefits of an Acrylic Partial

If you know that one or more of your teeth need to be removed, or your  already missing teeth, an all-acrylic partial denture can be fabricated before the oral surgery appointment. At the appointment your dentist will insert the previously manufactured custom all-acrylic partial denture. These are some of the benefits of this type of partial denture:

  • Same day replacement- this means you will walk out of our office with a transformed smile.
  • Can be made in our office- we make the partial denture right here in our lab and imaging center.
  • Cost effective- this is a solution that can work in your budget.
  • Well fitting base plate- with a tight fitting base plate, it will adhere to your jawbone, ridges, and palate best.

These are some of the reasons that you might consider this as your treatment plan option.

A Great Solution For Periodontal Disease

Some patients struggle with periodontal disease which can result in tooth decay. Periodontal disease is a mouth disease of the bone and gums surrounding the teeth. This disease can be acute and the patient’s remaining dentition can be severely mobile.

The Difference Between a Traditional Partial and an Acrylic

Many people want to know acrylic dentures advantages and disadvantages. If a traditional partial is used, the remaining dentition would be clasped and rested on by the metal substructure. In this case, an all-acrylic partial denture helps reduce the stresses on the remaining compromised teeth.

We find that some of our patients are able to use this treatment as an alternative to the metal clasps. They prefer it and find the advantages of this procedure. 

Acrylic Partial Denture FAQs

We always work to answer our patients’ questions about their dental prosthetic. Here are some of the top questions asked about dentures.

Can Acrylic Dentures Cause Dry Mouth?

Dentures don’t generally cause dry mouth but can exasperate this condition in patients that already suffer from it. If you are experiencing dry mouth, let us know so that we can address it.

How Long Do Acrylic Dentures Last?

There are many factors that can determine how long your dentures last. These include:

  • Cleaning- taking care of your dentures and properly cleaning them will extend the life of the prosthetic.
  • Anatomy changes- as you age, you can suffer bone loss in your jaw or changes in the tissue. This can cause your dentures to slip around or become uncomfortable. Oftentimes, we are able to fix this with a dental reline.
  • Damage- if you drop your prosthetic or a pet chews it, it may need to be completely replaced.

Can You Whiten Acrylic Dentures?

When your dentures start to look dingy, you can take a few extra cleaning steps to brighten them up. Make sure you are cleaning them with a denture approved brush that has stiff, small bristles twice a day. Avoid using normal toothpaste, rather use a paste designed for dentures. Soak your dentures in a cleaning solution such as Steradent or Effervescent Denture Cleanser Tablets. Once a week is recommended.  Keep up with your regular hygiene appointments so your dentures can be cleaned by Dr. Roe.

Are Acrylic Dentures Toxic?

Generally speaking, no. Acrylics have been used by millions of people for decades with the overwhelming majority having no issues. In some rare cases, patients may have a sensitivity to monomer (a component of the acrylic). This could present as a contact allergy.

Are All Dentures Acrylic?

Generally, dentures are made from an acrylic base that is colored like the gums. The teeth are made of plastic. Sometimes a denture will have a metal reinforcement that is made of alloy or gold alloy.

acrylic dentures are an alternative to traditional dentures

How to Know if This is Right For Me?

When Dr. Roe meets with you, he will perform a complete oral health exam complete with X-rays.  After he understands your specific oral health needs and smile goals, he will look at treatment options. If this is a viable option for you, it will be presented with any other options available. You can check with your dental insurance to see how much they will cover or we can submit for a pre-treatment. Once he knows which treatment plan you want to go with, he will get to work on your smile makeover. We take a customized approach to dentistry. You can expect a treatment plan that is tailored to you.

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If you are about to lose one or more teeth or if you already have missing teeth, we can provide you with a solution. Denture cost is generally affordable.You can set up a consultation appointment to talk to Dr. Jason Roe at Pro Dental Dallas. When you come in, you can ask if an all-acrylic partial could benefit you.

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