A Dental Bridge Can Restore Your Smile

If you have missing teeth, your smile and oral health can suffer dramatically. Even if you suffer from a single lost tooth, whatever the reason, you could turn a flawless smile into a dental oral health disaster. Luckily, Pro Dental Dallas offers treatment to replace your missing teeth and restore your smile through the use of a dental bridge.

Did you know, there are many benefits to choosing a dental bridge for your smile restoration needs? Missing teeth can cause unstable gums which can lead to bone loss. Your cheeks can begin to sag in places causing you to look older. A dental bridge can replace the missing teeth, fill out your cheeks and restore your smile’s appearance.

When you have missing teeth it can be hard to chew foods and eat properly. With a dental bridge to help, you can go back to enjoying the ability to chew your food properly. Chewing is not the only natural instinct that can become difficult with missing teeth. Speech can also suffer, which is why a dental bridge in place can improve speaking ability too.

If you would like to learn more about tooth supported dental bridges, please click here, or read about implant supported dental bridges by clicking here.

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