5 Ways to Celebrate National Dentist Day

We don’t often think about thanking our doctors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals. Fortunately, March 6th is National Dentists Day, the perfect opportunity to recognize your dentist for all their important work. Here are 5 ways to celebrate National Dentist Day and make your dentist smile!

Leave a Review

Leaving a review for your dentist is a wonderful way to not only encourage them, but to help them as well. The positive feedback is a boost to your dentist, letting them know you value the work they do. It also helps others to choose your dentist, which will result in them finding quality dental care just like you did.


A really simple way to celebrate National Dentist Day is to pay close attention to your own oral hygiene habits. Make sure you’re brushing regularly, flossing properly, and using a good mouthwash. National Dentist Day also serves to promote dental hygiene awareness, so teach these healthy habits to your kids, too.

Send an Note

A short, hand-written thank you card is a powerful way of letting someone know you appreciate them. It doesn’t even have to be a fancy greeting card, just a simple note will do. It may be a bit late to get one through the mail, so why not send a quick email? It will arrive right away and be sure to brighten your dentist’s day.

Send a Gift

This might take a little more forethought, but it’s definitely worth the effort. You could send any number of creative gifts:

  • Fresh flowers
  • Fruit basket
  • Gift cards
  • Hand lotions
  • Coffee mug

Some of these gifts can be ordered online and delivered straight to the office. Others may need to be brought personally. You could even bring it to your next appointment, which brings us to the next idea.

Schedule Your Check-up

Nothing says appreciation like a return visit from a happy patient! Seeing your beautiful smile on a regular basis for check-ups is a joy for any dentist. Instead of putting it off, call your dentist today, schedule your check-up visit, and ask the person on the phone to wish your dentist a Happy Dentists Day from you.

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